Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've Moved!

Although I really liked the nice staff in the PICU, I was happy when they told me I was going to "graduate" to my new room in the regular Pediatric unit (room D615). It's a lot bigger, and my mommy and daddy have a fold out couch to sleep on now, which is a step up from the chair they slept in last night.

I did get a lot of the wires/tubes taken off of me, but they wanted to leave my chest tube in until tomorrow morning just in case, so I've been pretty cranky all day. I did pep up a bit when I got to take a wagon ride from my old room to the new one, and on the way I got to see my "bubby" (brother) for the first time. That made me happy. Also, the Marinkos brought by a bag full of goodies and a new baby doll.

I'm going to eat some dinner and hopefully take a little nap since I've been up all day. Tonight should be my last night with any kind of discomfort, and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning when I get the last big tube out so that I can walk around a little bit and maybe head over to the big playroom down the hall...


Pam Cox said...

Sweet baby,

You sleep tight and tomorrow will be a much better day.

We love you,

Pam, Britt & Mimi

Angie said...

You are so precious! We are happy that you are doing so great. We will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. Thanks for keeping us updated...we like being able to check your blog throughout the day. Hopefully the Sipes clan will be able to visit you tomorrow! Love you lots, tell your parents and Alexander we love them too!! Ang, Gary, Layla and Hayden

Vanessa said...

Hurray!! Great news! I loved seeing and visiting with y'all's to a new day and a fast recovery.


Angi Kelly said...

So glad you're recovering so well little princess!

We love your blog and the are so witty!
tee hee.

We love you!!!!
Angi, Dudge and Avery