Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Visitors

After a good nap (it's so nice to be able to sleep on my tummy again) and a few more laps around the floor, some of my good friends came by to visit. The Sipes drove over from Ft. Worth to visit for a while. Layla even brought over a picture that she colored just for me and gave me a cute little bear to play with.

Lynne and Dee Da brought Alex back for another visit, and Rosy and J-Dad came by, too. We all had so much fun playing that I started to get a little it was almost time for dinner. Around dinnertime, Uncle Andy and "Aunt" Amanda stopped by to play, and they watched me take down most of a pizza, a lot of yogurt, and some apple juice. I guess there's nothing wrong with my appetite.

Aunt Emily and her friend, Paul, stopped by on their way to a flag football game that was going on nearby, so it was nice to see them, too. Then I had a suprise visit from cousin Mark, who just moved to Dallas. It was really nice to see him because it had been a long time.

We also had a lot of friends who live too far away to visit in person but wanted to send over some nice things to play with instead. "Aunt" Donna and "Uncle" Drew sent some balloons and hearts all the way from Madagascar (via Upstate New York), my godparents Sara and Tim sent an enormous set of balloons and a teddy bear from California, the McMillans and the Davis' sent a "Jesus Loves Me" teddy bear, and the Colwicks sent a bunch of balloons and a teddy bear from Fort Worth. The nurses kept telling me that I must have had a lot of nice friends and family because they had never seen so many balloons in one room before!!

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