Friday, November 7, 2008

Going Home

Although I've had a great time during my visit at Medical City and I would really like to stay a while to tell them "thank you" about 1,000 more times for fixing my heart, I'm ready to get back to my toys and my own bed at home. Dr. Mendeloff and Dr. Laird both said that I was well enough to go home, so it was time to pack up all my stuff and let Mommy take me on one final wagon ride down to Daddy's car.

My crazy balloon stash barely fit through the doors, but we managed to make it out without popping any of them.

Bye bye everyone!

No pictures, please.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I am so glad you are home!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated through your successful journey!

God is great!!

We Love you,
Sara & Tim

What If Creative said...

Congratulations on going home, Audrey! If you thought you were feeling better at the hospital, wait until you get home! :)

We love you!
The Taylors

Angi Kelly said...

So glad you're home and doing so well Audrey-Pie! :)
Love, Angi, Avery & Dudge

Vanessa said...

Again, I'm thinking Audrey Grace...