Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clean Bill of Health

Today my mommy took me to my two-week checkup with Dr. Laird, and he said that everything was healing just fine. No buildup of fluid or inflammation or any symptoms that I'm going to have any kind of complications post-surgery. He even said that almost all of the enlargement on right side of my heart had already gone down, which was really fast! Plus, all but two of my steri-strips have come off my "owie" and it looks great.

It will take another month or so for it to completely get back to its normal size, but it's working just fine now and I feel great. He also said that it might be a few more weeks before I start to gain weight (I still only weighed 19.7 lbs at the checkup, which is just a little silly for a 19-month-old). My mommy thinks there's some sort of conspiracy keeping me out of my "big girl carseat" because I have to be at least 20 lbs to start using that one. Maybe if I really pack on the turkey and dressing next week I'll be able break through that ceiling so that I can finally turn around and face forward so that I can start watching movies with Bubby on road trips...

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