Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Little Post-Surgery Nap

Wow, that was a lot to take on. I'm pretty tired, so I decided to take a little nap. I told my daddy to take a picture to pass along to my friends so that they would know that I was doing just fine. Once I wake up a little more, we'll post some more fun stuff.


Chris said...

I'm glad you're doing OK. Tanglewood Elementary was praying for you today. I'm sure you're sore but get lots of sleep. We love you.
--Aunt Chris & Uncle Dede

page said...

Audrey, we are thrilled to hear you are doing so well. We have been praying and praying. You are such a sweet angel and "Ganvill wuvs you too." We will come see you soon!
Page and Granville