Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Done!!

Today was my last day as a cardiac patient. By God's grace and all the help of the wonderful doctors at Medical City Dallas, today was the last time I will have to go to the heart doctor!

After Mommy and I had a yummy lunch across the street at Mattito's, we headed over to play on the indoor playground at Medical City and then met Daddy at Dr. Laird's office for my appointment. After checking in, they took me back to weigh and measure me (I'm up to 34 pounds now!), and then they stuck a bunch of stickers and wires all over me. I forgot how silly those things feel, but the nurse told me I had to leave them on so the computer could see how well my heart was beating.

After that, I was excited to get those those wires off, but then I remembered that we still needed to go see the guy who runs the extra-fancy computer that takes pictures of the inside of my heart. He checked out the place where they patched up the broken part and said it looked great, but we still needed to see what Dr. Laird had to say.

It had been so long since I saw Dr. Laird last that I was a little shy and didn't talk his ear off this time, but he was very nice like I remembered. He did a little more listening and checking out with his "heart microphone", and then he gave us the good news that he was releasing me for good!

I just want to say thank you again for all of the people who helped me through this. Your generous prayers, hospital visits, special gifts, and loving support will not be forgotten. I especially want to thank Dr. Eric Mendeloff with the Congenital Heart Surgery Center at Medical City Childrens Hospital. He did such a great job with my surgery, and I will always remember how well they took care of me.